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Mission Statement

“To bring about Socio-economic awareness in India through education of underprivileged Children”

Our Objective

GSES is of the strong belief that Education is critical requisite for eradicating poverty from India. Based on this belief our core objectives have been set to support projects that are secular in nature and education based. These are

1. To facilitate education to as many underprivileged children as possible in India.
2. Making a long term commitment to their education and support them to achieve their aims.
3. Working in partnership and alliances with partner NGOs, government bodies and corporate to achieve our goals.
4. To support and cooperate with likeminded individual and groups already engaged in similar activities in India.
5. To raise the required human and monetary resources to achieve the group objectives.
6. To provide opportunities to individuals living outside India who wish to participate in GSES activities in India.

Core values

GSES has set core values keeping in mind our objectives. To achieve our goals it is necessary to imbibe these values into our volunteers.

1. We are ethical, honest, transparent, and place a high value on integrity.
2. We work with the spirit of volunteerism, work on near to “Zero overhead” policy to keep our expenses low to maximise sponsors funds to be spent on children.
3. We will not discriminate the children based on gender, race, caste or religion. Our aim is to focus on children’s educational development.
4. No Personal benefit for any GSES Volunteer.
5. We are accountable to all of our sponsors in our communication, accounting procedures, performance measures with results and strive for effectiveness, sustainability and efficiency in everything we do.

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