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Education of Students

GSES identifies students from poor families who due to adverse circumstances are unable to provide or continue the education of their children. These students are indentified, presently, from poor localities mainly in Amritsar district or neighbouring areas.

The identified families are assessed for their annual income, living conditions, children school academic record (if already in school) and other laid down criteria’s to term the family as “Distressed” and listed for financial help in the form of taking responsibility of their children’s education. In many cases where GSES feels the family is in real distress, it pays for the school books and stationery, uniform and transportation for their children also.

Then GSES endeavours to find sponsors for the children and facilitates linking sponsors with individual children. GSES follows through by disbursing and monitoring the sponsors' funds.
The progress reports of the children are provided to the sponsor. We encourage building a strong sponsor-child communication. The sponsor has the opportunity to become a mentor and friend to his sponsored child by communicating with them regularly. The sponsor can also arrange a visit with his child through GSES.


Appeal from GSES

At present Society is providing help to around 300 students. There are hundreds of cases where Child’s father has expired & the family doesn't have any fixed source of Income. In those cases, mother of the child is working as a labourer or home help at very low wages sufficient only to feed the children. These family’s need our assistance to pay for their children’s education or even more.
We need generous donors to come forward and help these families. A mere Rs 20.00 (Rupees twenty only) per day can help the child from being deprived of a bright future. Your Rs 20.00 per day can give him hope for future and strength to live life with honour.
You may contact our office by phone or visit us. We have list of hundreds of needy students waiting for your help.

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